Best Infant car seat 2012

Best baby car seat 2012

Safety first infant car seat

Safety First Infant car seat


Safety first infant car seat Product review: Safety1st onBoardTM 35 Air-SE – O2


Company: Amazon via seller Safety1st Corporation with clear Feedback rating 4*+


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Who would buy this: People shopping for a professional and carefully designed infant car seat can opt with confidence to use Safety1st onBoardTM 35 Air-SE – O2. This infant car seat was constructed after extensive impact shock tests and studies on the most effective safety protocols for a child during an accident. Coming in various colors which can blend better in the surroundings of the car the Safety1st onBoardTM 35 Air-SE – O2 offers the possibility to enhance the protection of the child but also maintain a sense of style to your car. The safety first infant car seat offers safety starting from 4 to 35 pounds infant in weight completely ensuring maximum protection to the integrity of the body during an impact with another car or another large or small item. The basic structure of this car seat enables the driver to pay attention to the road without worrying about the safety of the child seated behind him.


Pros: Safety first infant car seat represents a major step in ensuring side, front and back protection to the child thus maintaining a stabile drive to any destination. Setting by up to 32 inches in height and coming with the revolutionary Air Protect side impact technology which reduces the impact force by releasing a precise vent in the crash, the Safety1st onBoardTM 35 Air-SE – O2 represents an advanced piece of technology which ensures the maximum protection to the infant. Furthermore you should also be aware that the infant car seat has a solid and adjustable stay-in-car 5-point harness system which protects the child by lowering the impact force during such a disturbing moment.


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Slight disadvantages: There were some individuals who complained about the rigid framework related to the most extensive pattern of the harness system. Still by following the recommendations found in the manual you shall discover that the system can be set to be more flexible, allowing the child to extend his arms and head without leaving the seat. Reading the manual is very important because it can offer the proper incentive needed to protect the infant to the full extent of the device.


Other general characteristics: The Safety1st onBoardTM 35 Air-SE – O2 comes with washable, removable pad Meets and also respects to the letter the internal safety standards and security programs thus ensuring the maximum security to the infant. It is an easy car seat which can be lifted with ease and no major effort from your part. The particularities of this model represent a strong step in having at your disposal a safe car seat in which your infant is protected in any unwanted accidents.

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