Best Infant car seat 2013

Best baby car seat 2013

Britax car seat review

Britax Boulevard 70 car seat review


Britax car seat reviewBritax managed to develop professional mechanisms to ensure safety compatibility with the car’s structure and composition. The Boulevard 70 Convertible Infant Car Seat was specially created to offer families a reliable method to protect their children during any trips, travels to distinct destinations. By reading a detailed Britax car seat review you will be able to understand the characteristics of the product better and thus ensure protection to the infants seated in the backseat.

You will comprehend that the Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Infant Car Seat surpasses the regular standards for protection adding both comfort and safety to children from five to 70 pounds. The SafeCell technology embedded in this model diminishes the child’s center of gravity in unfortunate crash situations thus protecting the corporeal integrity.

Reading a Britax infant seat review can set you on the path of understanding more about the whole protection process and how the mechanism can cast aside any worries from your mind concerning the safety of your children while traveling to different locations. There were conducted extensive researches on the issue in order to establish the right path towards developing the right set of components needed to offer the maximum of protection in the event of front and also side impact to the infant residing in the back.


The Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Infant Car Seat has a strong connection with the car and adds limiting effects to the flexing motion when the impact occurs, a major cause for concern during any incidents. The Britax engineers set the design so that the child is comfortable even thou he is strapped with the five-point harness.

Offering the extra layers of force-absorbent EPP foam and through the Harness-Ultra-Guard System (HUGS), Britax Boulevard 70 convertible infant car seat embodies all the safety measures needed to protect the infant within a rapid time frame after the actual impact set in. More and more families that managed to read a professional and specialized Britax infant seat review understood the complexities which stand behind the Boulevard 70 Convertible Infant Car Seat model.


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It is no wonder to see more and more moms and dads buying this particular version of Britax to ensure the safety of their children in the car. All of the reviews on the product were above medium in both quality and functionality thus setting Britax once again above the other products currently available on the market.

Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Infant Car Seat Features:

-          Integrated steel bars that limit the forward flexion thus adding strength to the car seat’s connection of the vehicle

-          The beneficial effects on the center gravity of the child in crash situations due to the SafeCell technology

-          Created for children from five to 40 pounds in the rear-facing position and by up to 70 pounds in the forward-facing position

-          The Versa-Tether webbing absorbs energy thus reducing to impressive lengths the forces pressing upon the child.


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Best Infant car seat 2013

Best baby car seat 2013

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