Best Infant car seat 2013

Best baby car seat 2013

Britax baby car seat review

Britax Roundabout Convertible 55 Infant Car Seat


Britax baby car seat reviewEvery family knows that traveling with an infant in the confounding’s of a car represents an action paved with the utmost safety and attention. This is the reason why after years of studies and technological tests Britax managed to create a well-established structure that ensures the maximum protection of the inhabitant. The Britax Roundabout Convertible 55 Infant Car Seat was created after extended sequence of tests on the reaction of the car in the event of a crash and the reaction which needs to take hold during it.


As one of the most stabile convertible car seats, the Britax Convertible 55 stands out in the industry due to the high-capacity which through the five-point harness can take by up to 55-pound weight. Gathering important bits of information from a detailed Britax baby car seat review you will understand better why more and more parents are purchasing the 55 model as a reliable method to protect their children during any travels.


This model respects the international standards of safety and pushes them towards a new set of protection where the infant is correctly protected from any harm or injuries. The Britax Convertible 55 reunites professionalism and dedication to every detail which translates into extra protection to the person which sits in it.


Reading a detailed Britax baby car seat review will help you understand better the features of the product and thus use it with confidence to protect the corporeal integrity of your child. Britax has always made it their prime objective to assure protection and safety to the infants, the treasure of any family. Embodying the SafeCell technology, Britax Convertible 55 compresses the impact the causes the infant to go forward and lowers its position in the seat thus protecting them from extensive injuries. Furthermore thanks to the deep side walls that include the EPP (expanded Polypropylene) foam, protect the head, neck and spine of the child and distribute the force of the impact during an eventual accident which nobody desires to happen.


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The Britax impact management system protects the infant from grave and harmful effects which can occur during a crash. Installing the Britax Roundabout Convertible 55 infant car seat is easy and thus you won’t waste time with this particular aspect. The five-point harness remains mostly free but the protection to the child is very high.


Britax Roundabout Convertible 55 Infant Car Seat features:

-          The pending SafeCell technology compresses upon the forward motion by lowering the child’s center of gravity

-          Incorporated steel bars that reduce the child’s forward flexion during an eventual impact

-          An advanced stabilized connection between the car seat and the vehicle

-          Versa-Tether with webbing releases which minimizes the forward motion during an impact

-          Deep side walls with impact-absorbing EPP foam


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Best Infant car seat 2013

Best baby car seat 2013

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